Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy Pride

I must be having a mid-life crisis.  It has been what feels like eons that I've wanted to do anything Pride-ey.  I guess with social media, pics of friends and fun times has given me a serious case of FOMO, lol. I threw this quick photo collage together, playing with my cool lighting system and my Fashion Royalty dolls that have not been touched for waaaay to long.  I hope like it :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

... and now Happy New Year

...twas the day of Christmas, and I posted very quickly
 I promised to return the next week with a post most kicky

                  the days ticked by and I said what I meant
but here comes the New Year, and damn there it went

one week two weeks, my promise became unhinged
and no not because West World was binged...

but here we are now my net-i-zen friends
A post which I hope CHEER! it does send-zah

Hi Ya'll!

... so I still want to write about my Christmas post, even thought it's like waaaaaay over, but hey!  If you can't post on your own blog, then what's it even for even?

This photo shoot was originally for a couple weeks before Christmas.  I wanted to share all the good feelings that bubble up when one takes the Christmas decorations out, and all the lovely memories that wiggle loose with each Christmas memento.  I also wanted to share how much I love the coziness of it all.  Watching holiday cartoons and wrapping presents.  It really is the quiet before the storm.

Putting together this scene was really fun.  I reconfigured the walls from my Autumnal Post.  I had been thinking of this post for some time, and I was able to plan the outfits.  Melody (Mel) is wearing a beautiful nightgown and robe set I bought from Shari Depp Designs on Etsy.  Shari is great to work with, very accommodating and customer service is top notch.  Harmon is wearing an awesome summer kimono I bought from Jaune Yero, also on Etsy.  The craftsmanship of the kimono is top notch!  I even got in on the act and made some fuzzy slippers :)

This scene was up for so long it sort of took on a life of it's own.  After Christmas, I was organizing (PLAYING) with my collection.  I rediscovered my Betsy and Sandy McCall from this post here.  I thought it would be super fun for them to have a sleep over with Auntie and Uncle.  I dug through the 1/6 box and found some cute PJs for them to wear.  After I got them dressed and ready for the photo shoot, I realized that Auntie Mel is dressed a lot like Auntie Mame, (The Rosalind Russell one, not that Lucille Ball mess)  and I FRIGGIN' love that.

Ok, almost there.  If you're loving the little doggy in the picture (and I hope you do) she is a memorial doll of our little Sugar.  We lost her this past summer, it happened so quickly and it was heart breaking.  The first time we had to say good bye to a little dummy, I had a felt memorial doll made of her.  You can see our little Babydoll here.  As with Babydoll, so with Sugar.  I contacted Sharon of Felt Doggy, also on Etsy ( I sure do spend a lot of time on Etsy).  She crafted our first sculpture as well.  Sharon is able to create very special felt doggies.  Sugar's spirit was truly captured in this little memorial.  

Every year comes with many challenges, but also with many more blessings.  I wish for all of you many blessings and much abundance in 2017!
-Mark of SCD

I thought I was sounding too much like an Etsy commercial so I didn't include this bit in the main text, but I did want to give a shout out to Knot in Kansas Anymore, MariSoToys and ginko305.  They made the miniature pig, puppy and goat respectively.  Those were Sugar's favorite toys, and I couldn't have Sugar without her toys.  

I always have to give credit to miniature artists, it ain't easy.  The detail in each piece is very appreciated.  Thank you

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I hope this day is magic for all of you!  More later this week :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Day of the Dead

Last year around this time I became fascinated by the Mexican tradition of  Day of the Dead.  It is a celebration and time of prayer for the dearly departed.  On October 31, the souls of children are invited for a visit by creating an altar in their honor, on November first the souls of adults are to come for a visit, and on November second, the families of the dead decorate the resting places of their loved ones.

The loving way in which the dead are celebrated brings comfort to me and it solidifies to me a personal notion.  I always felt that the door between this world and the next is left ajar around this time of year.  I have lost many a loved one from September to December, I believe it's easier to cross at this time.  This is my tribute to those people.

Declan and Erin Visit the graves of their beloved
Of course fashion models can't resist a photo at magic hour.

They never truly leave us.

For more than a year I searched high and low to find Calavera and Catrina decorations.  I finally found both from this Etsy Artist.  I love her creations so much.  Look for my review of her here.

Happy Halloween
In honor of the Dead on this Day
I wish you all a prosperous Samhain